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EuroJackpot Lottery Potential Win £90 million
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EuroJackpot Lottery Review

Have you heard about the multinational EuroJackpot lotto? It’s one of the most rewarding lottery promotions offering you up to £90,000,000 in jackpot money. Unlike many other lotto offers, this one can be accessed by players from anywhere around the world.

Are you already thinking about how you can spend that reward money if you happen to win? Well, get started by activating your EuroJackpot promo code so that you can take a chance at hitting this awesome lump sum.


EuroJackpot Promo Code Details

For people who would like to have a snapshot of the EuroJackpot bonus information, then the table below will be guiding you to go through them first before getting started. Just remember that to activate your offer, you will just have to click any of the buttons below which will lead you to the main page, and activate the EuroJackpot lottery promo code.

EuroJackpot Lottery OfferDetails
EuroJackpot Lottery Promo Code
Maximum jackpot€120 million (around £100m)
Ticket cost£2 for single line, £4 for DoubleJackpot feature
About EuroJackpot Lottery - Europe's Fastest Growing Lottery: How to Play

How to Register with EuroJackpot UK?

Players out there should follow the instructions in this section to claim the Eurojackpot bonus. Before you register with the EuroJackpot promo code, you might want to know more about how they are used and what’s the benefit.

Note: Lottoland is an official partner with EuroJackpot and by clicking to register at EuroJackpot you’ll be redirected to Lottoland

LottoLand Registration Form

Before you start thinking about how to win, you should first understand how you can get started with a cool bonus at hand. Once you are done with account creation, you can now start buying the lotto tickets from as little as 2 pounds. So here is a step by step procedure on how to kick-start your sign-up process:

  1. Click on any of the buttons positioned on this page so that you can instantly activate your EuroJackpot promo code;
  2. Next, you will be redirected to the EuroJackpot’s main website;
  3. When on the website, you will get a list of countries permitted by EuroJackpot lottery where you will select your country and move on to the registration;
  4. You will again be prompted to enter your personal details in the sign-in form as required;
  5. Then you will agree to the terms and conditions of the lottery and also confirm that you are of the right age to take part in the lottery which is 18 years and above.

After you are done creating your account, you can buy a £2 coupon online, and then, simply follow the tips below on how to fill out the bet slip. Filling out the slip is done by picking 5 numbers and two additional special numbers on your ticket. Furthermore, prizes are awarded depending on how many numbers you choose during the filling of the bet slip as we will show you here.

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EuroJackpot UK Prizes and Bonuses

The minimum jackpot that can be won at this lottery is about £8.5 million which can also turn over to be around £100,000,000, which is the maximum prize that can be obtained. Don’t think that a current maximum limit cannot be reached because in 2015 a Czech Republic player received the whole prize, which was then £55 million, so that means you can potentially be the EuroJackpot winner too. You can improve your chances of appearing as a winner among the list of names on the online EuroJackpot results by following our tips here.

EuroJackpot Winning Numbers

As we said earlier, players pick five numbers from a list of 50 numbers and add two more numbers from numbers ranging from 1 up to 10 to win the Eurojackpot prizes. The process is quite easy, right? Apart from those other ways listed, there are other ways to win the prizes, so let’s go through all of the prizes they have for you:

  • Match of 5 and 2 numbers – with the odds of 1 in 139,838,160 and win the JACKPOT
  • Match of 5 and 1 numbers – with the probability of 1 in 6,991,908 and win £624,354
  • Match of 5 and o numbers – with the odds of 1 in 3,107,515 and win £41,615
  • Match of 4 and 2 more numbers – with the odds of 1 in 621,503 and win £2,080
  • Match of 4 and 1 numbers – with a chance of 1 in 31,075 and win £166
  • Match of 3 and 2 numbers – with the odds of 1 in 14,125 and win £83
  • Match of 4 and 0 numbers – with the likelihood of 1 in 13,811 and get £49
  • Match 2 and 2 numbers – with a probability of 1 in 985 and get £16
  • Match 3 and 1 numbers – with a chance of 1 in 706 and get £12
  • Match 3 and 0 numbers – with a likelihood of 1 in 314 and receive £10.40
  • Match 1 and 2 numbers – with a probability of 1 in 188 and receive £6.20
  • Match 2 and 1 numbers – with a probability of 1 in 49 and receive £4

So, from all the options above, pick the best strategy and place your bids. Furthermore, the online EuroJackpot results of the winners are usually posted on their website so you can check who won the lottery. If you would really like to try your luck at any of the above rewards thanks to the EuroJackpot bonus, just activate your EuroJackpot promo code and you are good to go!

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Customer Support at EuroJackpot

We all know that problems can arise in very unexpected conditions particularly when it comes to online gaming services. In such cases, you have nothing to worry about because the Eurojackpot support has got your back. Firstly, they have a FAQ section in which you can go and preview the questions that have been asked previously by troubled customers. From there, you can check whether your issue has already been solved through the results of the FAQ. Another thing, if you were unable to get help, you will contact them through their international toll-free number because they have an immediate-response customer care team.

EuroJackpot Review

Well, Eurojackpot is the real deal; it’s perhaps the most generous because they give a massive jackpot from very affordable ticket prices. We also like the fact that they have some of the best winning odds in the market. Why don’t you get started now? By activating the EuroJackpot promo code you can start buying tickets right away starting from just £2. Good luck!

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